Saturday, August 10, 2013

Molly's Marvelous Guest Post: Stay Savvy My Friends

We all could easily spend a fortune on our appearance! Imagine what you have spent in the last year between beauty and fashion! Yikes! I Personally, I am working my style on a tight budget with limited resources. I’ve been welcomed to share a handful of my savings tips with you my fabulous new friend!
Take charge of that nail file ladies! Nail salons can be pricey and do serious damage to our shiny, beautiful wallets. I love the wonderful indulgence of a mani-pedi as much as the next woman, but save this treat for special occasions! (Just think how much more you will enjoy it when you go back!)  Give nail decals a try to add a little extra sparkle to that DIY manicure or pedicure! Throw on a clear topcoat over your new decal to ensure long-lasting wear!
Get caught up and crazy in the coupon clipping crowd! Stay savvy! Keep your beauty in check by frequenting stores that offer coupon and saving perks. I’ve had great luck with Ulta, an in-store and online beauty retailer. I highly recommend signing up for the Ulta beauty club, it is free (my fav word), and offers regular coupons for $3.50 off a $10.00 purchase. Keep presenting those coupons, and you will be able to add back to your budget.
Make sure to check out one of my favorite fashion online retailers, ModCloth! My last purchase was straight from the clearance rack, two gorgeous dresses coupled with a coupon for free shipping!  You can depend on this retailer to have a unique blend of indie, retro and vintage fashion we are searching for! The retailer has sizes from petite to plus size - making it perfect for any size and style. P.S. check out their massive rack of vintage shoes to add extra sparkle to your eye!
Make your makeup work for its keep! My guilty pleasure is in buying high-end cosmetics, but in order to not break my budget, I can only allow for a single application that lasts me throughout the day. To get the most wear out of your makeup purchase a primer  and apply prior to makeup application. When you’re done with your makeup application end with a quick brush of finishing powder to keep your hard work entact. These two products are low-cost, and take minimal time to apply, so make sure to take advantage!
Ladies, continue to stay mindful of your budget and watch those pennies rack up into savings. Stay trendy my friends!

Molly is a recent college grad enjoying city living! Molly is inspired by color and beauty and is a lover of vintage and fashion. Follow Molly through the eyes of a plus size world! 

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