Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shop H&M Online NOW!

Eeeeee!! It's finally here!  I've been hearing the rumors for a while now, but it's finally happened! H&M now has an online shop!

I've been wanting this forever...there aren't really any H&M stores in my area, so any time I'm near one, I usually stock up on their fabulous frugal fashions.  But now that I can buy their amazing pieces online, I can keep up with their products and shop whenever I want to.  Huzzah!

I honestly love most of the items on the site, so it's tough to pick a few of my faves to share with you...but here's a handful of H&M's must-haves for the season:

Embroidered Dress ($34.95)
This adorable LBD is classic and will never go out of style.  The cut of the dress, and belt at the natural waistline, draws the eye in and creates an hourglass figure on almost everyone. It also has a cool embroidered pattern that makes the dress especially unique.

Wide Belt ($24.95)
I just love the pattern on this gorgeous belt! It looks fantastically ornate and would look amazing with so many things! This is the type of statement piece that can be worn for multiple occasions, and people will constantly ask you where you bought such an amazing accessory.

Handbag ($24.95)
This elegant satchel literally goes with every outfit you could possibly put together. It also comes in multiple colors (the leopard print one is super gorgeous as well!), and it's fairly large so there's plenty of room to tote around all your doodads.

Jersey Top with Lace ($12.95)
The pattern on this lovely top is so pretty--I can't stop looking at it! The lace detail only adds to the daintiness. The top even looks a bit vintage-y.  It's really a good piece to have year-round.  You can wear it alone for the rest of summer, and when it gets chilly out, it'll look super cute with a blazer!

Kimono ($24.95)
It's a satin kimono. Everyone needs one. Enough said.

I hope that gives you an idea of where to start!

Happy shopping!!

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