Friday, August 16, 2013

The Perfect Pink Purse

It's no secret that I'm crazily obsessed with handbags. I own over 50, and love each and every one of them in their own special way.

So obviously, when I add a new purse to my collection, I get pretty emotional.

My latest love, this Nicole by Nicole Miller Mini Chain Crossbody Bag, is amazingly gorgeous. It's got everything I could possibly want in a purse.

  • It's pink
  • It's little and adorable
  • It was on clearance
I mean, what more can you really ask for in a purse? 

Size-wise, the bag is fairly small. So for me, that means that it isn't an every day bag (you know...since I basically carry my entire life around with me in my bag). Even so, it's a great evening/event bag. There's enough room for a wallet, cell phone, a couple lip glosses, and even has enough room left over for a few other must-haves. 

The best part? I found it at JCPenney for under $20!

This cute little bag also comes in yellow and green. Honestly, I might end up purchasing it in the green hue as well, because mint green always seems to be in style. I only went for the pink because...well, I'm a bit obsessed with the color (again, not really a huge secret). 

The entire Nicole by Nicole Miller line at JCPenney is actually pretty spectacular. Definitely Sassy Fashionista approved!

Happy shopping!!

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