Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Be Prepared for Hair Emergencies!

I like to think of myself as a Girl Scout, at least when it comes to beauty products--I am always prepared.

My purse constantly contains a "beauty emergency kit" of some kind. You never know what the day might bring, and having a few makeup essentials on hand is always a good idea. Hair-wise, I usually just throw a couple hair ties in with everything else. That was before my very stylish mom found this amazing Hair Emergency Kit by Scunci.

The super cute set contains everything you could possibly need for nearly any hair problem:
  • 12 small clear bands
  • 12 bobby pins
  • 2 black elastics
  • 2 headbands (one thin, one thick)
  • 1 mini jaw clip
Also, everything comes in a pretty little case--just perfect to throw in your handbag.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a place to buy the set online. That said, you can purchase the kit at a few different drugstores (my mom found it at Riteaid). It's definitely worth buying; no one likes a bad hair day!  Each kit is $5.99.

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