Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas: Rompers

I do not understand this trend at all.  It irritates me to no end.

First and foremost, they're simply ugly.  It's like wearing an unflattering sack dress that nips in at the bottom to reveal some sort of ridiculous pantaloon-esque shorts.  Basically, this is taking the sack dress and making it even uglier and less flattering (which I had no idea was even possible).

Let's take a look at the above image, shall we?  The model is gorgeous.  But even she, with her awesome figure, appears to have a huge bum and, what I like to call, thunder thighs.  The front also makes her look larger than I'm sure she is.

Another problem I have is the sizing.  One-piece outfits (other than dresses) are difficult to wear.  Since each body is different, there is no way that a piece of clothing like this is going to fit everyone.  People who are short-waisted, like me, end up with a much too long garment, where are as women with the opposite problem find themselves with a constant wedgie.  Neither outcome is good.

A major rule I live by is that if even a model looks horrible in something, then normal people like us will look like hideous monsters.

Let's start wearing adult clothing and leave the rompers for babies.

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