Saturday, March 7, 2015

I FINALLY Jumped on the Curling Wand Bandwagon!

The AMAZING wand!
Since I have naturally wavy hair, I never really felt the need to try out curling wands when they first came out. A while back, I randomly received a CHI Air Texture Ceramic 1-inch Curling Wand to try out, and luckily I was just the right amount of bored to give it a go.

Ummm...this is now quite literally my fave styling tool. Ever.

Originally I assumed that in order to curl my hair, I'd need to first flat iron my super frizzed out afro-esque mess atop my head. That seemed like a lot of work. So before going crazy and spending hours doing that, I decided to just try using the wand on my already wavy 'do. Since I wasn't really planning on using the wand beforehand, I had already applied a few curling products to my locks, including a volumizing spray gel.  I think that actually helped and in the future I'll always throw some gel in my hair before curling it. It really seems to hold the shape.

My hair post curling
My original plan was to just curl a few front pieces to get the general idea. But I absolutely loved the way the curls looked, so I ended up clipping sections back and curling each individual chunk. It didn't take very long, as you can wrap fairly large sections around the wand at a time.  Since the heat goes over the 400 degree mark, holding the curl in place for a couple seconds is really all it takes. Once the strand is released, you end up with gorgeous, loose curls that look perfectly styled while appearing to have a bit of an "undone" look that's all the rage this season.

To finish it off, I only added a light layer of hairspray. The gel held everything in place, so there really wasn't much more to do. And the curls lasted all day without any touch-ups!

I just can't get over how amazing this tool is! How did I manage to get through life without such a thing?! My natural waves are halfway decent, but they're nothing compared to the beauty that is achieved with the CHI wand.

Currently, each wand retails for about $60. I think it's a pretty great deal, considering how fabulous it makes all hair types look!

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