Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My New Kicks!

Sneakers have really never been my thing.  Growing up, I usually had a pair for gym class and cheerleading, but as soon as that all ended, so did my desire for sneakers.  I don't think I've even owned a pair since college.

Well, that ended yesterday! My main squeeze bought me a pair of these adorable DC Chelsea Skate sneakers that I am in LOVE with. The pink plaid and added charms really tickle my fancy.  Being a heels girl, this might sound crazy, but these new shoes are probably my fave pair at the moment!

Bonus? Since my feet are ridiculously tiny, I got to get them child-sized.  That's probably why the shoes are adorned with charms galore. I don't hate it.

This pair is about $45.  If you have adult-size feet (like most people), these pink and lime DC sneakers also look fab, but are $55.

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