Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amazing Makeup Palette For $3.50 (ONLY TILL MONDAY!!)

Right now, E.l.f. is running an incredible deal:  their Studio 83-piece Essential Makeup Collection is only $3.50 until Monday (10/24).  Usually, the palette is $35, which still isn't a bad price--but of course $3.50 is waaaay better!

The makeup set is fantastic.  It has everything you need for day looks, night looks, events...literally everything you could possibly need is in this kit. AND it conveniently folds down into a 6.5" square, so it's super portable.

Here's the rundown on what you get:
  • 64 Eyeshadow Shades
  • 8 Lip Gloss Shades
  • 4 Blush Shades
  • 4 Bronzer Shades
  • 1 Lip Brush
  • 1 Eye Brush
  • 1 Face Brush
Great, right?! I'd get it for the plethora of eyeshadow alone! I actually own this set, so I know how great all the products are.  The eyeshadows are highly-pigmented, and the colors are fabulous.  The majority of the kit can be used on every skin tone out there.

All you have to do is add the set to your shopping bag.  At the checkout screen, enter the code "83FOR350" to get the deal.

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