Sunday, October 23, 2011

Give Cancer the Kiss Off!

For Breast Cancer Awareness month (all of October), Elf is giving 100% of the profits from their Twinkle Pink Glitter Gloss and their Wild Watermelon Glossy Gloss to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Awesome, right?!

I'm already a HUGE fan of Elf's lip glosses.  They're highly pigmented, shiny (not sticky), and last forever.  Their studio glosses are only $3 a pop and they honestly work just as well as a $20 gloss--in some cases, even better!

The two hues that benefit BCA research are both beautiful pink shades.  Personally, I love the Wild Watermelon Glossy Gloss.  It's a darker, brighter pink that flatters all skintones.

So buy a gloss, or two (or a bunch)!  It's cheap and for a good cause.  At least that's my excuse for adding more lip gloss to my already-huge collection.

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