Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breaking News: Jason Wu Is The Next Designer for Target!

Oh, Lord.  Target is rapidly becoming my absolute favorite store to shop for clothing.  Everytime a big-name designer does a collection there, it's a huge hit!  The pieces are usually gorgeous, trendy and totally affordable.

This season, we can look forward to a fab collection from Jason Wu.  His collections are usually classic, but with a unique vintage-esque quality to them.  All I have to go on for now is a fabric swatch, but I just know that the collection is sure to be full of stunning pieces!

Even seeing only that tiny pattern, I just know that I'll fall in love with the entire collection.

To check out Jason Wu's usual collections and to get a feel for his designs, check out his website.  If the Target collection is anything like what his usual looks are, I have a feeling that I'll be jumping up and down with delight!!

No word yet as to when his Target collection will launch, but it should be by the end of the month, if I had to guess.  Super exciting, no?

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