Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Wonder Bra For Your Ear Lobes!

When I was about six, I got into a horribly, "traumatic" (at least accessory-wise), accident. While riding my bike, I crashed into a fence and my pierced ears have never been the same since.

To spare you the horrific details, let's just say that my ear lobes were stretched to the max.  Because I loved large, chunky earrings (yes, even back then), the holes were almost completely stretched out, leaving behind what look more like lines, rather than holes.

I've tried a lot of things over the years, eventually settling on wearing two earrings in each individual hole (a dangly bauble with a pain stud, usually). Needless to say, it's always bugged the hell out of me and made me a bit self-conscious.

Then I found these ridiculously fantastic Lobe Wonder Support Patches.

FINALLY!! A solution to my problem!

The patches are small, clear circles that are applied behind each lobe. Each self-adhesive oval patch is super-reinforced with a criss-cross network to strengthen and support ear lobes.

Of course, one of my immediate concerns was whether or not the patches would irritate my super sensitive skin.  Luckily, they're hypo-allergenic and, almost like a band-aid, are "breathable".  I felt no skin irritation at all, even after wearing the patches for almost 24 hours at a time.

While wearing these bad boys, I found myself able to wear all my fave earrings, no matter how heavy, without having to worry about having my ears look like they'd been stretched out like crazy. It's fabulous because I've always been more of an earring person in general, so a lot of the pairs I had kept packed away are now out and ready to wear for any occasion.

They really are like a Wonder Bra for your ears! I'm not sure how long these have been around for, but I absolutely cannot believe that I lived for so long without them!

Here's a pic of what ears look like before and after the use of the Lobe Wonder Support Patches:

Pretty amazing, right?!

To use these disposable patches, you  simply place the support patch to back of each ear lobe, with the sticky side facing in towards the ear, covering the hole. Press firmly to secure to each ear. Next insert your earring post through hole and patch, then affix your earring backing to post.

Each package of 60 patches retails for about $7. The price is definitely right, and the product is officially Sassy Fashionista approved!

Give them a try and let me know if you love them as much as I do.

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