Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion Faux Pas: The Denim Thong

I'm not going to name names here because this is simply too horrible of a look.  But let's just say that a certain celebrity has been running around wearing this...denim monstrosity.

Okay, it's Rihanna. I cannot keep a secret this big.

Rihanna is definitely known for taking fashion risks.  She's no stranger to being on the worst-dressed lists in plenty of magazines.  But this ridiculous denim thong tops the charts.

She somehow managed to create a look that seemed to be improvised from a pair of ordinary jeans with everything removed, except for the waist band and the center seam between her legs. Clearly, she felt that was the most important part to keep.

I have to say; I've never even really been a fan of cut-off jean shorts in general.  They remind me of Tobias from Arrested Development, who was a "never-nude" and wore cut-offs at all times (it was hilarious, but not something I condone in real life).  Nevertheless, even if I absolutely loved cut-off shorts, this is just taking it way too far.

I mean, you can see her regular thong underneath her makeshift denim thong.  Does she think this is somehow sexy??! Is she trying to be a fashion designer? If so, I'll have to track her down and personally slap her back to reality.

That is all.

[image credit: iVillage]

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