Saturday, May 11, 2013

Look Lovely While you Lounge

No matter what time of year, I am always cold, while my boyfriend is perpetually hot and sweaty. There's no real reason for this, but because of our annoying predicament, I usually have to layer on clothing, even when I'm just in my "comfies" (as my Grandma and Aunt Alma tend to call them).

That means I'm always looking around for bathrobes and nightgowns that look as cute as they are comfortable and cozy.

Right now, I'm loving this Polka Dot Sleep Robe from Forever 21.

The robe is simply gorgeous. Polka dots are one of my many weaknesses (bonus--they never go out of style), and the pink details are fabbity-fabulous!

Because the robe is so lightweight, it can be worn no matter what the season.  That said, it is particularly perfect for chillier spring and summer nights.

At $18.80 each, the bathrobe is a truly fantastic buy.

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