Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tantalizingly Textured Talons

As a nail polish obsessed gal, I'm usually among one of the first to hear about, and love, the latest nail trends.  London-based brand, Nails Inc, has come out with some absolutely amazing polish effects that I am probably more obsessed with than is socially acceptable.

The effects I've found so far are the Feather Effect, Leather Effect, Concrete Effect, and (my personal favorite) the Denim Effect. The Denim Effect bottle even has a denim-clad top! Too cute! Each has its own unique look and can easily be the focal point of any outfit.  The best part about these particular polish trends is that even though they look a bit complex on the nail, application is a breeze! Much easier than all the difficult nail art from seasons past.

Below are pics of how they look on nails.

Feather Effect:

Leather Effect:

Concrete Effect:

Denim Effect:

Totally fab, right?! Just keep in mind that with polishes that have an effect like these, you cannot wear a top coat.  This was the same case when matte polishes were all the rage. Since the finish itself is most of the effect, putting a shiny top coat over it ruins the look.  That also means that the polishes don't last as long as one with a nice thick top coat--just something else to keep in mind.

That said, these polishes are great for special events, but they definitely aren't something that'll last as a weekly mani.

What do you ladies think? Would you sport any of these looks?

I do have a little bit of bad news. I can't really find a place to buy all of these delicious polishes in the states. I'm sure they'll make their way across the pond soon, but they're currently very difficult to track down. I found a few places (like Sephora) that sell one or two of the effects, but for the time being you have to dig around on google, or even eBay, to find them. But my Sassy Fashionista promise? They're definitely worth a try!

So put in a little extra work and go flaunt your fab fingers!

[Pictures courtesy of British Beauty Blogger]

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