Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: Pants You Can Eat Off Of

Much as I love Italy, I'm definitely not down with their latest trend. A company called Acquacalda has created what I consider to be the most horrifying pants in the world.

The idea is that the pants transform when you sit in a cross-legged position to create a table-esque surface.  Apparently they are perfect for picnics.

Umm...are you kidding me??! First of all, anyone wearing these pants in public looks like an MC Hammer reject.  The fabric over the crotch area is super unflattering and looks just plain confusing.  I also hate the cut of the pants in general.  They puff out, then come in at the calf, kind of like pantaloons.

How is wearing anything like this acceptable??

I mean, if for some reason you constantly sit and eat on the ground, I guess it's okay.  But in reality, who eats outside that much? And is the practicality worth looking like you have some sort of elaborate crotch issue?  I don't think so.

Oh and another weird/hideous bonus? The pants also include a cup holder on the side. No joke.

This is very disappointing.  I can't find a price anywhere for them, but I'm willing to bet that they're as expensive as every other ugly pair of pants out there.

Please people--just stick to regular jeans.  Put a blanket down if you want to have a picnic.  Or just sit on a park bench!

That is all.

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