Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Adorable Clutch for Spring!

Purses are my weakness.  I recently got rid of a bunch of them, but I'm slowly building my collection back up. And when I say "collection", I mean that I probably own over 50 handbags.

What can I say? I love accessories!

I am totally smitten with this fabulously feminine Large Floral Cabbage Print Clutch from Target. 

Let me list the reasons why I'm so obsessed:

  1. The print.  There's nothing prettier than light purple flowers daintily printed on a bag.  It almost has a vintage feel to it.
  2. The metal closure.  It takes a super girly bag and adds a little bit of "badass" to it.
  3. The size.  I can't get the exact dimensions, but I have seen this in stores and it's totally large enough to hold everything you need for a night (or day) out.
So yeah. I love it.

The best part? You can grab one of these bags for under $17!  Total steal! Woohoo!

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