Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Look For Less: Bow Rings

Since I'm so crazily girly, I'm always looking for cute jewelry.  I'm particularly in love the bows.  There's really nothing girlier than a little silver bow.  I have a couple necklaces that feature dainty bows, but I've really always wanted a ring.

Pictured above, I have a couple of gorgey bow rings.  I'd love to wear either of them (or let's be serious--both at the same time!)  Unfortunately, my budget simply won't allow that.

On the left is a beautiful ring by Stackable Expressions.  I absolutely LOVE it.  The bad news? It's on sale for about $140.  The regular price is a steep $300.  It's a pretty ring, but I just can't imagine shelling out that kind of cash for it.

So I found a fab alternative.  On the right is a fab ring from Forever21.  The cost? Under $2.  Pretty amazing, right?!

I love finding great deals! Yippee!!

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