Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Necklace That REALLY Makes a Statement!

I haven't really found a statement necklace that I've loved until now. This super gorgeous Reimbroidered Lace Collar Necklace from Girl Props has officially made me a fan of (some) statement necklaces.

This particular necklace is just so classy--what's better than lace? It's such a pretty look that can dress up any outfit.

Statement necklaces are all the rage, but it can be a bit tricky to wear them. Personally, I think pairing them with simple outfits is the way to go. Even a nice solid black t-shirt and jeans can be the perfect thing to wear with a show-stopping bauble like this.

You also want the necklace to take center stage (it is a statement necklace, after all!), so toning down the rest of your outfit really draws attention to it.  As far as other jewelry goes, make sure to wear small accessories that don't take away from the necklace. Classic diamond (or faux diamond) earring studs are usually a great way to go.

I also am loving the fact that this particular necklace is $22.99! I think it looks much more expensive and I know it'll get tons of use once it's in my jewelry collection!

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