Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fashion Faux Pas: The Fanny Back?

When I discovered the horrifying fact that fanny packs are (gasp!) in style again, I went a little crazy.  But that's really understandable, considering the situation.

Come on, people. We've come so far! I honestly thought that fanny packs would be the one retro fashion accessory that would not be making a second appearance anytime soon. I'm quite frankly in shock.

The worst part is that the cleverly-named "Belt Bags" are being made by designers that I usually love (like DKNY).  I feel so betrayed!

Okay, so the picture doesn't really make the fanny pack look as horrible as it did in the past.  But that is simply because the bag is being worn flat on a skinny model. Almost like a thick belt.  But let me fill you in on something: once you throw even one item in these new belt bags, you will immediately look like you have a much larger stomach than you do.  And really, no one wants that.

Even on its own, the bag adds extra bulk. The model pictured is clearly as skinny as they come and even she looks like she's got some unneeded bulk around her mid-section.

Now, if this bag was sold sans belt, it would actually make a cute clutch.  Here's a better look:

See what I mean? If you bought this and just cut off the belt, it would be totally wearable.  But the cheap look of the belt part is just...disturbing.  It even has the same adjustable strap that we saw in the early '90s.  That just cheapens the look of a bag that has potential.

It really saddens me. Handbags are one of my many obsessions and seeing something like this is just ridiculous and gross.

That is all.

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