Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Surprise!! It's a Fashionable Lunch Tote!

Per usual, I was spending some quality time shopping at Target when I stumbled up on this gorgey purse.

...Except it's not a purse!

This super cute Rachael Ray Pleated Lunch Tote is probably my new favorite thing ever. I only wish that this bag was around back when I actually used lunch boxes. Because I reeeaaally had some ugly ones!

I just love the idea of having a fashionable lunch tote. Think about it--it's the one accessory we don't really think about.

Great jewelry?  Check.  Perfect shoes?  Double check.  When it comes to carrying our lunch to work or even a casual outdoor get-together with our BFFs, we just never think to throw our food in anything cute.

The brown paper lunch bag is officially OUT!

Bonus? If you really want to, this lunch tote can double as a purse (which I'm quite tempted to do).  Each bag is under $30.

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