Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beauty Boo-Boo: Oompa Loompa Skin

I've seen this look all over the place.  Bright orange skin.

It's especially bothersome in the middle of winter.  I mean, it's just ridiculous.  Even if the tan looks real, unless you've just gone on vacation somewhere beachy, you shouldn't have crazy tan skin!

And there is totally a difference in a "light glow" that I know some people keep year-round.  I am not calling out those people.  A light glow is fine.

Overly tan skin is not fine.  It's frightening.

What pisses me off the most is that these Oompa Loompa-esque people walk around like they look amazing!  Apparently, having neon orange skin is better than having normal skin.

How can they look in the mirror and think this look is acceptable??!

Another point?  If this look is achieved by overly-tanning at a salon, it's even worse.  Not only do you run the risk of getting skin cancer, you also will end up getting wrinkles way before your regular-skinned friends (if you have any--orange buddies usually stick together).  Since you are basically cooking your skin, you can look forward to having a leathery texture to it for most of your life.  Enjoy.

Now it's not as bad if you're sporting a fake tan from a lotion or something.  It won't do any long-term damage to your skin.  That said, go easy on it.  Don't apply a hue that is more than a couple shades darker than your normal color.  It's just asking for orange skin.

There’s just something really unsettling about these people. When your hair, face and lips are all monochromatic “burnt sienna,” it starts to get weird.

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