Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nail Polish Obsession: Essie's Lady Like

It's taken me a while to get into the whole "nude-ish nails" trend.  Particularly because every color I tried didn't compliment my super fair skin.

But I met my match!  Essie's Lady Like is beyond amazing.  The website shows it as a super pale hue, but it's actually a medium rose with a hint of plum to it.  My picture is more true to the color than what you see on the website.

The shade has been around for a while, but I wasn't really intrigued by it until now.  It's just the perfect color for a day when you (gasp!) can't find a polish to match your outfit, or just want something neutral and pretty.

The color goes with everything, which is absolutely fantastic.  It's my new go-to polish ( least for right now!)

Each bottle retails for $8.

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