Monday, January 7, 2013

My Latest Lippy Love

Most of you ladies know that my claim to fame is that I own "over 100 lip glosses"...well, I'd say I own closer to 300 lip products at this point. I realize that it is ridiculous, but I'm completely addicted.

I also tend to have a problem during the winter season. My lips get really dry, so I need a lip product that won't dry them out further.  Finding something that is pretty and nourishes my lips, is almost impossible.

That said, I found my latest favorite that has a permanent spot in my purse.  Maybelline's Color Whisper lipstick is amazing!  I've been seeing a lot of tinted balms and glosses, but this stuff is seriously the best.

It's a gel-based lipstick that adds a very sheer layer of color (you can also go for the boldest hue because it is so sheer that it simply looks natural).  Most lipsticks are made with a ton of wax and other stuff that is quite drying.  Because this product is mostly gel, it makes lips look gorgeous and healthy.

I can't find most of the colors online--they're fairly popular and sold out.  But, I did see them in a few different drugstores, so they are around!

The best part?  Each lipstick retails for under $8.

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