Monday, January 28, 2013

Ballerina Flats with an Edge

Much as I love heels, I'm definitely more of a flats girl.  Even though I'm only a mere 5ft tall, there's just something amazing about pretty flats.

I'm also probably the girliest girl in the entire world.  No question, really.  So ballerina flats are a shoe staple for me.  They look super classy, and can usually be dressed up or down.

But sometimes I need a little edge to toughen up an overly girly outfit.  These adorable Stud Embellished Bow Flats from Go Jane are a perfect for this.

I'm honestly obsessed with these shoes! It's like they packed everything I love into one pair of flats.  First of all, the light blush color is super feminine, which I obviously love.  The contrasting black, studded detail somehow manages to work perfectly with the soft pink.

These are the perfect shoes for nearly any event.  You can pair these cuties with pretty party dresses, or jeans for a put-together casual look. Either way, you'll look fab.  I also don't see them going out of style anytime soon.  Shoes like this are great to have as a statement piece.  You can get a ton of use out of them because they're so versatile.

The best part? Each pair is only $32.40! Yay!

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