Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Take Your Style to the Next Level (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Since I'm so ridiculously obsessed with fashion, I know almost every tip or trick out there.  There are ways to look amazing without spending a ton of money.  And the ideas are pretty simple.

Here are a few style tips I've learned over the years:

Go nude
You can’t go wrong with a pair of nude pumps or a nude bra and panties. Nude pumps work with everything in your closet (except black tights...ew) and work to elongate your legs. It's a win-win-- nude lingerie ensures a seamless no-show-through look in your clothes.

Get professionally fitted for a bra
Very important.  Wearing the wrong bra size can completely ruin an outfit.  Invest in a couple good quality bras that actually fit you. A properly fitted bra will instantly improve and transform your figure, probably more than you realize.

Ignore trends and wear only what looks good on you
Okay, you shouldn't ignore trends completely.  There are some that I try out.  But for the most part, trendy clothing can be expensive and won't be in style long enough to get anything out of it.  It’s way more important to wear clothing that fits well and flatters you. If the latest trend just doesn't look good on you, don’t wear it.  I cannot stress this enough.

Clean your closet
Another big one. When it comes to your closet, more isn't always more. Pare down your wardrobe and leave only those items you absolutely love and look great on you. My rule is, if I haven't worn the item in the past year, I get rid of it. A finely edited wardrobe will leave you ready for any style situation.  Plus you won't have to dig through an overload of clothing to find what you want to wear.

Own something animal print
Animal prints like leopard and python are always chic. A well-placed animal print accessory can make almost any look instantly glamorous.  And it never goes out of style.

When in doubt, overdress
If you’re not sure what to wear for an event or outing, it’s always better to overdress than to be caught underdressed.  Think of it like you're in the workplace. It's always been said that you should wear what the higher up people wear (dress the part for the job you want).  This is kind of the same idea.  You'll never get scolded for looking extra glam.

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