Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nail Polish and Remover in One!

Yes, I have lots of nail polish, and I really have no business buying any more of it...That said, I'm obsessing over Duality Nail Pak Nail Lacquer.

This isn't your normal bottle of polish.  It's actually designed to be a "mini mani" in a bottle.  Simply unscrew the polish portion from a bottom container to uncover a tiny nail file and remover-soaked pads. Voila--a mobile nail station that’s ready whenever you can squeeze in a moment.

I do tend to always carry around a couple bottles of polish in my emergency makeup bag (which I, of course, carry with me at all times), but fitting in a file and polish remover takes up way too much valuable space.  The fact that everything you need is in this cute little bottle just fascinates me.  It's a must-have.

Each polish is $15 and you can get it in practically any color you desire.

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