Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: the [Not So] Trendy Top

I'm so sick of the ridiculous products I keep seeing on TV.  My hatred for the Trendy Top is probably similar to my hatred of Crocs.  That says a lot, as Crocs basically make me want to vomit all over the place.

First of all, any piece of clothing that has the word "trendy" in its name simply isn't trendy.  When something is actually trendy, it isn't advertised in the name itself!  FYI: calling something trendy does not legally make it trendy.

I'm also bothered by the fact that this product is called a top.  It's literally a band of fabric that goes around your waist.  Last time I checked, a top is a shirt (which is confirmed by  A shirt is defined as: a long- or short-sleeved garment for the upper part of the body. The Trendy Top does not fit that description. At all.

Soooo it's not trendy and it's not a top...  Basically this product is just a huge, fat lie!!

Now beyond that, the whole idea of the Trendy Top bothers me.  I get the concept.  You can wear it under another shirt to avoid the horrible embarrassment of showing some skin between your shirt and your pants.  But guess what?? You can wear a cute cami or tank top instead!! AND you don't have to worry about it moving around or falling off your hips since it's an actual shirt!

Another point?  The fact that you can order these at the low price of $10 (for four "tops") shows me that it is not a quality product.

Wear a god damn tank top under your tee if you're so worried about unwanted skin popping out!!

That is all. 

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