Friday, January 13, 2012

Super Cute Top You Can Wear Now and Later!

Once the holidays are over, I'm totally ready for spring.  I don't buy any new sweaters, mittens or huge cozy scarves because I like to pretend that springtime is almost here.

On that note, I love looking for fabulous tops that have a spring-ish feel to them when I get the winter blues.  This Embellished Push-up Bra Top from Victoria's Secret is perfect for that.  It'll look amazing when the weather warms up, but in the meantime wearing it with a cute black cardigan makes it winter appropriate. 

The color of the top is also a good hue to wear year-round.  Burgundy looks amazing on almost every skintone, and works for all seasons.  The embellishment is great too because you can dress it up or down.  Pairing the top with a pair of well-worn jeans is a great casual look, while wearing it with a black pencil skirt and your highest heels dresses it up for any occasion.

I actually just bought this top for myself (eeeee!!) because it's currently on sale.  I mean really on sale.  Originally, it was about $60.  Now, you can grab it for under $20.

Exciting, no?

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