Monday, January 30, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: Junderpants for Men

Yes, this is real.  Apparently, wearing Junderpants is an amazingly hip trend that's come our way from Tokyo. Exactly what we were missing in men's fashion! Basically, Junderpants are boxer-briefs that look like jegging cut-offs.

Umm...This is way worse than jeggings.  Any man who wants to don a pair of these bad boys has some serious issues.  I mean, would you run around the house in these? Word to the wise:  these jean briefs may seem more appropriate to wear on their own since they have a denim print. But it's actually worse than wearing briefs on their own. They just look like super tight cut-offs that show off your junk.  Kind of creepy.

The site to buy them off of is currently under construction (clearly because jundies are so popular that they're having a tough time keeping up).  You can sign up to receive an email when the site is up and running.  I do know that each pair of Junderpants costs about $50...which is pretty ridiculous, no?

I did a quick search online and found a few alternatives, in case you just can't bear to wait!!

P.S.: NO, this is not a good Valentine's Day gift to get for your main squeeze!

That is all.

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