Monday, January 9, 2012

How Could Anyone NOT Want a Garden Gnome Purse?

Normally I'd be making fun of something like this.  I mean, in all honesty, it's a pretty big fashion faux pas.  The bag looks like something a lady in her 70s would carry and the embroidered gnomes make it almost creepy.

That said, I've somehow found myself in love with this Garden Gnome Shirred Shoulder Bag.  It's the perfect size--16"x10"x3.5".  You can easily fit all your essentials in there, but the bag isn't HUGE so it won't be ridiculously heavy.

There's just something about the gnomes that I absolutely love.  Granted, I am partial to gnomes in general ever since I "borrowed" one from a neighbor when I lived in Portsmouth...actually he still lives with me and sits prominently next to my fireplace.  Also his name is Barnaby.

So yeah...I might be a little gnome-obsessed.

If you're like me and think this bag is super cute, you can get it for under $70.  Kinda steep, but I can't think of an outfit that wouldn't benefit from the addition of garden gnome accessories.

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