Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012 Beauty Resolutions

Happy 2012, ladies!! I can't even believe another year has gone by! It's that time again when everyone is rushing around coming up with resolutions for the new year.  Rather than trying to do something ridiculous (like promising myself I'll go to the gym everyday), I've decided to go with these fab beauty resolutions!  They're easy to accomplish and make you look absolutely gorgey!


Wear color on your nails
Are you a serial French manicure junkie? Drop the pink and white in 2011 and branch out in color. Try a new color every two weeks such as cherry red, coral or yellow!


Learn how to apply your own fake eyelashes
It might seem like a daunting task but applying your own fake eyelashes will save you time and make your eyes pop any day of the week. Try this How to apply false eyelashes tutorial!


Change your hairstyle
If you can’t tell the years in your pictures because you’ve had the same cut and color since 2005 then it is time to switch up. Make an appointment with your hairstylist to brainstorm ideas that will make you comfortable but give you a new look!


Moisturize every day
How easy we forget that moisturizing is the key to luxurious clear skin. Keep it next to your bed, in your purse or car to help you remember to moisturize in next year!

Try a new scent

Just because it is your “signature” scent, doesn’t mean you can’t stray away! Surprise your partner with something new on your first date of the new year, just another way to a new you in the new year!


[credit: She Knows Beauty & Style]

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