Monday, February 6, 2012

Beauty Boo-Boo: Maybelline's Color Tattoo Shadow

Okay. I'm pretty heated, so bear with me. When I hear the words "color tattoo", I tend to assume that whatever the product is, it should be well-pigmented and last for at least 24 hours.

Sadly that is not the case with Maybelline's Color Tattoo eye shadow. I was actually insanely excited to try this stuff out.  The bright purple hue was practically calling my name! And I'm always a fan of donning purple eyeshadow, so how perfect would it be if the effect could last for a whole day without touch-ups?!

Well, I never found out.  I eagerly bought a few different colors (purple, blue, and white) to try because I was pretty sure I'd love them. I mean the site praises the product by stating, "The ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation" and that, "The cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant". Hmm. Sounds pretty awesome to me...

Unfortunately when I ran home to try these bad boys on, I found the cream shadow to be severely sheer.  It was actually difficult to see which color I was even wearing! That said, after about five layers, the color ended up looking like any other cream shadow out there.  Kind of plain and definitely not "intense" or "highly saturated". 

It also felt sticky on my lids. For a long time. Maybe it's because I needed to add so many layers to get some color, but it just felt like it was never going to dry.  So I threw on a powder shadow on top to speed up the process.

In its defense, the shadow did last all day, and I actually think it would be great as a base, or eyelid primer.  That's what I'm using the white color for, at least!

The moral to the story? Don't stock up on beauty products until you know they work!

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