Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: The Fuxedo

Yes, it's true.  This is a real product.  The Fuxedo is a "tuxedo" (I use the term loosely), that comes off amazingly quickly for easy access.  Basically it was made for guys to get lucky at formal events, without the crazily difficult task of actually taking off a tux.

I honestly cannot believe that this is an actual piece of clothing.  If I ever met a guy and he ripped off his tux in a two-second time frame, I would not be impressed.

Here's a video that explains how it works: yeah.  If I ever see anyone wearing a Fuxedo, I will punch them in the face.  That's a promise.

Fun fact?  Each suit is $300.  Apparently easy access isn't cheap!

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