Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I HATE to LOVE Shopping

As a self-proclaimed fashionista, shopping is one of my absolute fave things to do.  I'm basically addicted to shopping! 

The downside? I actually have a really hard time finding certain clothing.  I'm only 5ft tall and am somehow crazily curvy, but still quite thin, at the same time. This poses a problem when I try to buy pants in particular.  I have two really annoying issues with pants.
  1. Length.  Most pants come in one length--especially the fashionable ones--and I'm either forced to shop elsewhere or get them hemmed. I actually learned to hem pants myself because this has been such a huge issue for me.  Sure there are a few stores that cater to my needs, but often the pants are too short or simply aren't flattering.
  2. My curves. Often times when I finally find a pair of pants that are the perfect length, the sizing is an issue.  Most pants that are cut for tiny women are cut almost completely straight, leaving no room for my hips and bum.  That means that I either need to buy pants that fit my legs and deal with a muffin top (and I'm a size 4!!!), or I have to get a pair that fits my curves, but is baggy around my legs.
Another shopping problem I have is buying shoes. I love accessories, so buying shoes is something I practically salivate over.  Unfortunately, I'm a child's size 3.  I can sometimes buy a women's size 5 and stuff them full of foot pads and such, but that rarely works.  Most of the time, I just have to buy kid's shoes.  Sure I can get adorable Hello Kitty sneakers, but no matter how much I love Hello Kitty, it just doesn't cut it.  This really sucks when I'm looking for a cute pair of heels.  I can usually get decent-looking flats, and yes they are cheaper than adult shoes, but most of the trendy footwear is not in the children's section. 

It's super frustrating to find something in a store that I absolutely love, only to find that it doesn't fit me. It usually means that it takes me longer to shop than the "average" woman, and I still generally walk out of stores without what I was originally looking for.

However shopping isn't a total bust.  I can usually find tops that fit me perfectly, and I stock up on scarves, handbags, and jewelry like crazy! Thank God for accessories! They don't discriminate, no matter what your size is and they can totally change the look of any outfit.  Without them I would be completely lost.

To hear about another fashion-lover's woes, check out Glossy Gurl's shopping post!

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