Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Look For Less: Shimmer Lip Gloss

As I've admitted in the past, I have well over 100 lip glosses...probably even close to 200 (I know, I's my addiction!)  But through trying tons of them out, I know a good lip product when I see it!

I'm all about shimmer lately--I think a light colored shimmer hue looks fabulous in the summer.  Bobbi Brown has a really pretty High Shimmer Lip Gloss that is exactly what I'm talking about. The only problem? Each gloss is almost $25! Bobbi Brown, I do love you, but I draw the line at paying over $20 for lip gloss.

So I did a little looking around and found a waaay cheaper alternative.  ELF has an amazing Studio Pout Perfecter that is almost exactly the same as the Bobbi Brown gloss!  I love it so much that I have four of them scattered around in my purse, bathroom, and car.  The formula is super pigmented, yet sheer because the color is so light.  The amount of shimmer is perfect.  This gloss does not make your lips look like a disco ball covered in chunky glitter.  The shimmer is fine and just makes lips look shiny, a little sparkly, and gorgeous!

The best part? It's only $3!!  It's amazing how cheap this great lip gloss is, since it works so wonderfully.  I'd seriously stock up--this is a product that you'll want to use constantly. And since it's only $3, you can afford to get a few of them!

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