Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who DOESN'T Need a Piranha Purse?!

As I'm sure most of you ladies know, I'm a purse fanatic. I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for handbags in stores, online...just everywhere.

And I've found an amazing bag that I can really sink my teeth into (hahaha, I'm hilarious). This Piranha Purse is super cute.  If it were socially acceptable to marry a handbag, I would choose this one.

Now, I usually go for nice, structured purses that go with everything.  So this is a bit of a gamble for me.   But you have to admit, the bag is a neutral color, is classily quilted, and fun at the same time.  I think it might actually go with most outfits! It's practically a classic, fashion staple!

You can get this purse for about $80 at ASOS.  I know--kind of pricey. But can you really put a price on something this awesome?! The answer is no.

Last I checked, the site is out of stock.  These bags are quite popular. But it's def worth checking around, and checking the website every couple of days. Because, honestly, who doesn't need a piranha purse?!

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