Monday, June 25, 2012

The Ultimate Girly Summer Shoes

Summertime is when I let my true love for shoes really shine through.  It's hard to find cute shoes for winter, especially living in New England and having to walk around in tons of snow constantly. I've ruined many a pair of pretty shoes that way.

So warm weather is quite perfecto for wearing lighter-hued shoes, and even delicate-detailed heels! And I absolutely love it.

These adorable Kylene Peep Toe Wedges are at the top of my must have list. I totally love the light turquoise hue and the ruffle detail.  It's ultra feminine without being obvious and in your face.  The shoe actually does come in pink, and though pink is my fave color, I think that with this particular shoe it would be almost too girly.  I know, I know...the ultimate girly girl saying something's too girly?! Don't get me wrong, a pair of bright pink shoes can be fun, but these super gorgey wedges just look perfect the way they are, in a bit of an unexpected color.

The best part? Each pair is a mere $29.99, AND Payless is currently running a BOGO sesh--so pick out another pair for your fab tootsies!

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