Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: Horrifying Jean Sandal Boots When I first saw these "shoes" (I'm using the word loosely), I honestly thought they were a joke.  I mean, look at them! There are so many things that make them look ridiculous--the denim factor, the sandal/boot hybrid and just the over all ugliness...They look like a stupid craft project that someone in middle school made in home ec.

But, for some ungodly reason, these shoes actually exist.  They're sold by Discount Women's Dress Shoes. They retail for about $16.

I just don't get it.  Aside from the fact that these shoes are ugly as hell, they're simply unpractical.  Apparently these shoes are made to be worn "year-round" and that bothers me.  I wear my sandals in the summer and my boots in the winter like a normal person.

They look like someone just had an old pair of jeans and wanted to use the fabric for something crafty. I'm sorry, but denim shoes in general are unacceptable.  And the fact that these are not only made of denim, but actually have the pockets and everything that cut-off jeans have makes the problem even worse.

Who do these people expect to buy super ugly jean sandal/boots?! There is literally no climate in which it would be acceptable.

I'm honestly so upset by these shoes.  I cannot even express how much I hate them in words.  But I will say this--if I EVER see anyone wearing these ridiculously hideous sandal/boots, I will personally punch them in the face. Yep, it's a legitimate threat.

Oh and if you think that buying the corduroy version is okay, I'll probably send out a hit man.

That is all.

[Image Credit: The Frisky]

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