Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: Meggings

For some ungodly reason, male leggings (or "meggings") are popping up all over the place.

I'm terribly disturbed by this.

Leggings are tough to pull off in general.  I tend to only wear them under a cute dress or skirt.  I'm not really a fan of wearing them on their own.  Since they're so tight, they can be uncomfortable and show off your assets in a super unflattering way.

But apparently, there are oodles of men out there who find meggings totally acceptable to wear on their own.

Umm...I honestly cannot believe this is an actual trend.  Not only are they ugly as hell, they're also completely unpractical.  Not many guys carry around handbags (another pet peeve of mine), so they generally carry their wallets in their pocket.  Unfortunately, meggings do not have pockets, so I have no idea how these guys carry their stuff around.

When I was doing community theater, there were always a couple guys who were forced to wear tights for our plays.  And of course, they hated it.  Who are these meggings marketed for??!'

Oh and by the way, pairing them with manly boots doesn't make the look acceptable.

That is all.

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