Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift From Fresh

Mother's Day can be a tricky holiday to shop for. Whether you're buying for your own mother, or someone who's been motherly in your life, it's kind of daunting to figure out what to get.  Spend too much money and you risk going over-the-top.  Spend too little and the gift can be a bust.

The one fail-safe gift I've found is this fabulous Little Luxuries Over Soap Set from Fresh.  I can't think of any woman in the world who doesn't like luxurious soap.  It's decadent, and totally allows the lady in your life to indulge herself.

Fresh soaps are amazing in general. This particular set includes:

  • Hesperides Grapefruit Mini Oval Soaps (2): A medley of intoxicating citruses
  • Patchouli Mini Oval Soaps (2): A warm, spicy scent with woodsy undertones
  • Sugar Mini Oval Soaps (2): A blend of caramel and sweet citruses--my personal fave scent!
  • Soap Dish: A custom, gorgeous soap dish 

All of the soaps are made from a vegetable base that is enriched with moisturizing shea butter.  Each soap is also individually wrapped by hand, continuing the Fresh spirit that the company is known for, and milled multiple times, making it super dense and long-lasting.

Each set is $40.  Trust me--if you don't know what to buy, get this! I'd even get a second set for yourself...because why not?!

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