Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Secret to Kissable Lips

I've always loved Victoria's Secret.  Their lingerie is fab, their clothing is ultra flattering, their fragrances are to die for, and their makeup is divine.  It's so surprising to me that what started out as a lingerie company has such great makeup, but they really do.  All of their products are highly pigmented and are perfect for nearly anyone.

I recently tried a new shade of VS lip gloss, Strawberry Fizz, and I'm honestly IN LOVE with it.  It's not even lust--this is the real deal.  If it were socially acceptable to marry lip gloss, this would be it!

Not only does it work amazingly, it also smells wonderful.  So much so, that my fiance kisses me roughly 57843957843 more when I wear it.  He even tried to eat it to see if it tasted the same (see picture). It didn't really work out for him.

That said, the glosses are amazing when they're not being eaten.  They've been around for a while, but they're gorgeous and perfect for everyone.  I've always found that they last a long time on my lips, but aren't sticky, which is huge pet peeve of mine.  The glosses also moisturize dry lips, so it's a perfect go-to lip product for this time of year.

With oodles of shades, it tough to pick just one!  Luckily, Victoria's Secret has a sale going on right now (Huzzah!!!).  You can buy two glosses for $12, or four for $20 (one on its own is $7)

Not a bad deal for severely smoochable lips.  With Valentine's Day coming up, these glosses are the perfect way to primp your pucker before a long makeout sesh!  But be warned: your guy may not be able to keep his lips off yours!

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