Saturday, January 8, 2011

Super Duper Makeup Palette

I'm so obsessed with palettes.  I probably own about 10 of them.  I just love the idea of having tons of makeup in one convenient place.  The only problem is that I usually end up only liking a few of the colors in each one.  So I'm stuck with tons of different palettes that I'm constantly switching between everyday because I love the purple eyeshadow in one, but the blush is kick-ass in another.

Well here's a fab solution:  the UNII Compact Makeup PaletteEach UNII Palette Includes: a magnetized palette, an adhesive magnetic sheet with writable labels, a full-sized mirror for the makeup on the go, a movable thumb grip and a rubberized seal prevents leaks.

So basically, you can put whatever makeup you want in this palette.  If you notice, most the the makeup you purchase (regardless of whether or not it comes in an actual palette) has a metal backing to it, making it perfect to go inside this amazing case.  You can organize it however you want and the palette itself comes in four colors (I'm partial to the purple).

Each palette is about $30, which is great seeing as it saves you tons of time that you would have been wasting going back and forth between 574389537 palettes!

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