Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Cute Cami--ON SALE!!!

Every winter I see people wearing black, gray or some shade in between...and that's usually their uniform for the weather.  Color is apparently supposed to be saved for the warmer months ahead.  Not for this girl!

I love color and I'm not giving it up just because it's cold out!  This adorable Polka Dot Cami from American Eagle tickles my fancy to the extreme.  Not only is it well-cut and flattering, it also has one of my fave patterns--polka dots are supafly as far as I'm concerned.  The ruffles are unique and the colors are gorgey.

Wearing this cami on its own this winter isn't exactly the best idea. I don't want any of you ladies freezing to death! I'd pair it with a cropped cardigan in another bright color (or black if you're scared of color combos).  Once springtime rolls around, you can wear the top as it is.

Here's the best part:  Since the cami is basically made for warm weather, it's currently on sale for about $25.  Not bad for a top you can wear year-round! 

If you don't have the cash, try going through your summer wardrobe and find a few brightly colored tops.  You'll be surprised at how much use you can get out of them, despite the cold.

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