Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just For Us Bloggers...

Umm...yeah.  This is a real product.  And yes, it is supposed to help bloggers.

Truth be told, I actually do a lot of writing at night.  But, like most normal people, I have a small desk lamp that I use for light.  The best part about my desk lamp is that it doesn't have a plethora of colors that shine all over the keyboard in a rave-like fashion.

But if you're the type of blogger who's into that, grab these Party Rats Finger Lights. Everytime you write while wearing them, it's like a disco party simply showed up on your computer!

I cannot imagine any blogger anywhere using these finger lights. They'd just get in the way! Honestly, the product sounds like a joke.  Unfortunately, it's not.

Here's what people have to say about them:

"I couldn't see giving it as a gift to the 13 year old it was intended for, even as a joke gift.  The package was not even a complete package, only 3 of 5 lights work."

"My cats love them, so much so that they nibbled off my fingers. They love chasing the lights."

I think that last one really says it all.  The product is probably okay for other stuff, but marketing them for bloggers isn't a big selling point.  From reading many other reviews, it's clear that the lights do not seem to be of the best quality--they show up with only half of the lights working, or the package basically torn open...not really a product I could see anyone in the real world buying.

I do, however, think that the lights could somehow be incorporated into a kick-ass Halloween costume.  And really, that's the only place they belong.

If for some ungodly reason you want to try them out, each set of five (or, you know, three if you're lucky) is under $8.

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