Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Victoria's Secret Has Your Back

Backpacks really take me back (hahaha like my word play?) ...I had some pretty awesome ones when I was still in school.  But nothing as cute as these super adorable backpacks from Victoria's Secret.

I absolutely love them! I also think that, as an adult, it's totally fine to wear a backpack if you want to.  Especially if it's as cute as these ones.

All of my handbags are usually super heavy, as I carry around tons of stuff wherever I go. Having a backpack like this would really help my shoulders out because the weight would be balanced.  Plus it has a bunch of pockets to keep things organized.

The backpacks come in a bunch of different designs.  I love the one pictured (pastel blue floral).  That particular pattern costs $44.50.  Depending on the design you like, the price ranges from $39.50-$79.50.

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