Sunday, October 21, 2012

Umm Why Haven't I Heard of This Before? The Makeup Board

My makeup collection is a complete mess. Even though I'm constantly going through it and getting rid of stuff (kind of), I just can't seem to get it to be any less messy.  Honestly, my boyfriend is a witness to the fact that I spend hours and hours with all my makeup spread out in attempts to organize it. I've tried everything-- buying multiple train cases, huge makeup bags with little pockets...everything.

But I never thought about utilizing the walls of my bathroom with a magnetic makeup board!

The concept is easy, and once you try it, I promise you'll be way more organized and be able to do your makeup way faster than usual.

Basically all you do is find a magnetic board (or make one yourself).  There are tons of really cute ones on Etsy.  Then it's as simple as gluing small magnets onto the products that you need daily! Then you just hang up the board and enjoy the feeling of having all your fave makeup all in the same place.

Fabulous, right?!

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