Saturday, October 13, 2012

My New Fave Top--On Sale!

Alright, alright...I know that it's technically Fall. But quite honestly, I don't care.

No matter what the season is, I'm always looking for cute cami tops.  When it's cold out, you can layer them under a comfy, chic sweater, and when it's warm out, you can wear it on its own.  So it's always good to stock up on tanks, regardless of the season.

I randomly stumbled upon this fabulous Fitted Corset Tank at Walmart, of all places.  Every once in a while, they really surprise me and come out with something amazing--like this top.

I absolutely love the fit.  Since it's in the junior's section, I did have to go with a medium.  Whatever your normal size is, I'd go a size larger when trying out juniors clothing in general.

The cut is great.  It's not really a "corset", per se, but the top does have seams going up the front in a very flattering way.  There are also molded cups, so you can go braless, which rocks.

The tank comes in a few different colors and patterns (black, fuchsia, black polka dot, gray cheetah, and rose print).  They're all super cute; it's a top that's great to stock up on.  The black hue is good to have on hand to wear with any outfit, and the patterns are great for the focal piece of an ensemble. The rose print is my favorite.  It'd look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a blazer.

The best part is that each top is on sale for $7.88.  And trust me, they actually look much more expensive than that. So get shopping, ladies!

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