Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas: White Leggings

As most of you know, I don't make millions of dollars writing (gasp!), so I work in retail part-time for some extra cash.  The other day, someone came into my store looking for WHITE LEGGINGS.


Take a moment to think about that.

Okay.  So, I'm basically over leggings in general, but I understand black leggings.  They make your legs look slim and are great to wear with short skirts or tunics.  Black is just a slimming color, so it makes sense.

But white?  Well, it adds bulk for starters.  It shows every imperfection that you might have and makes your legs look five times larger.  If you wear white leggings, be prepared to get a new nickname:  Thunder Thighs.  And that's regardless of your body shape.

The only time white leggings or tights are acceptable are on little girls for Easter.  Other than that, the world simply doesn't need white leggings.  If you own a pair, please throw them out!! 

And finally, if I see anyone wearing them, I might just have to punch them in the face.  Just a warning.

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