Thursday, September 22, 2011

Designer Accessories on the Cheap!

Oh, Target!  I want to shout my love for you from the highest building in New England!  The store has always been my top pick for basics, but ever since they started getting awesome designers to do collections for them, I'm even more addicted to the place.

Currently for sale?  Accessories and clothing by Missoni for Target.  I love love love Missoni.  The Italian fashion company has always left me drooling over their latest collections.  The colors and patterns used in their designs just tickle my fancy. The problem?  Prices.  Even a simple scarf by Missoni is a steep $175.  This near-identical (ish) scarf by Missoni for Target is under $25! And I actually think I like it more! Eeeee!!

What I was surprised to find in the collection was hair accessories.  I literally have a huge basket dedicated to hair doodads, so upon seeing some Missoni/Conair bundles, I almost had a seizure of delight.  There are a couple different sets, but the black and white bundle looks classiest to me--plus the accessories will match virtually everything.  Each combo set comes with a thick headband, bobby pins, and barrettes and is under $25. 

The sad thing is that most of the Missoni for Target products are sold out online, so you need to find a Target near you to look for any Missoni scraps. The collection should be available until mid-October.


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