Thursday, September 8, 2011

Piggy Ankle Socks

Pigs are my favorite animal.  Ever.  I've been collecting pig things since I was born.  I was given a piggy bank as a gift on the actual day I was born--so, literally straight from the womb I've been encouraged to love pigs.  Since then, I've acquired a ridiculous amount of pig paraphernalia.  I'm probably a little too obsessed.

Bit I digress.

These adorable Piggy Ankle Socks from Forever 21 really tickle my fancy. They have everything I could possibly want in a sock.  They are:
  • pink
  • have polka dots
  • the pigs are wearing little red bows
  • and did I mention that they're pig ankle socks?!
I love them.  The best part?  They're under $1 per pair.  I might just have to stock up and wear a pair of them daily.  Too much?

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